If you get a similar email as below then remove it ! Do NOT response on it. They just want your information to harm you ! COMPENSATION FOR SCAMMED VICTIMS Victim! Victim!! Victim!!! It’s our pleasure to inform you that United Nation had a meeting with the Authority of International Court of Justice concerning scam activate in all countries. We have decided to compensate you due to meeting held with some countries Government and the world high commissions against fraud activities by the Country above. Your name was among those…

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New Message from Chase Online(SM)

 When your receive below email then do NOT click on links. Scam / virus. Delete! We have a feeling many people will be fooled by this fake Chase email that claims “we were unable to verify your identity”. This email is accompanied by a file labeled “My-account.htm“. When we did a Virus Total scan of the file it revealed the following: “SCRIPT.Virus“. Do not attempt to download or open the file. See Chase bank’s website for other Fraudulent Email Examples. – See more at: We have a feeling many people…

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