Re: Reminder: [Latest News Announcements] Statement Appointment Information Updated – New Notifications : Monday 7 October, 2019 – [FWD]

If you get below email, then do NOT Click on any of the links ! This email is FAKE ! Warning Fake Email

Dear Costumers


Below the text as well. (Links removed) So you see it. If you get similar then tell it us !


There is a forced login on your account that we think is suspicious, we will include details of the suspicious login:

♦ Date : October, 7 2019 PDT
♦ OS : Chrome
♦ Device : Android
♦ Country :

[If it’s you, click this link to verify your account]
But if it’s not you, do security verification immediately to secure your account from anything suspicious

We have prepared a form for you to update your billing address to secure your account again

We will lock your account within 24 hours if you ignore this information
Sincerely ,

Amazon Business Service ,




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