Pay your Fedex invoice online.

551597_Best SellersIf you receive below e-mail, then do NOT click on links. Fake mails.

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Subjects can also be: Your Fedex invoice is ready.
                                    New Fedex Invoice
                                    Please pay your outstanding Fedex invoice.
                                    Your Fedex invoice is ready is ready to be paid now.

FedEx(R) FedEx Billing Online – Ready for Payment

Hello your email,
You have a new
not paid invoice(s) from FedEx that is ready for payment.

The following ivoice(s) are to be paid now :

Invoice Number


To pay or review these invoices, please sign in to your FedEx Billing Online account by clicking on this link:

Note: Please do not use this email to submit payment. This email may not be used as a remittance notice. To pay your invoices, please visit FedEx Billing Online,

Thank you,
Revenue Services

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