ING Nieuws Bericht (Fake again)

If you get the following mail from ING, then do NOT click on the link. It is FAKE! And they just try to get your login information. Link is going to a different hacked website : One example is that the link is going to : And it is always a hacked website with WordPress on it. In wp-content is in most cases a file placed like in this case a login.html file. That file fakes the login from in this case the ING bank. And as soon as you fill in the information, it will go to the original website back saying to you something went wrong, and you have to fill in the information again. You think you made a mistake, and type your login information again in, and yes, now you are at the real bank account it will work. So you think that you did something wrong, and do not think about it anymore. Until you see that someone has misused your login information to get your money. And then it is to late. If you have a website, then NEVER give write permissions on your server in public html. (0777) And always check your log files! Extra protection is also good like password protect your wp-admin etc. See fake mail below! ______________________________________________________________ Geachte ING Bank-klanten Door de toename van fraude gaande is in het land. wij gedwongen worden om een systeem updaten.internetbankieren op ING om veiligheidsredenen geblokkeerd.geregistreerd postcode, huisnummer, mobiele nummer en uw rekeningnummer.zodat we kunnen controleren of al uw ING-bank details met us.alstublieft klik op de link hieronder om infomatie te controleren bij ons. Inloggen Mijn ING

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