Here is my vCard with my details

Fake email. Do NOT open attached file. It is going to websites that sell Viagra etc.  Simple delete it!

Can be any of the following names in the mail :

Jermaine Kline M. D

Agustin Miranda M. D.

Andrea Mathis M. D.

Cecile Blair M. D.

Lanny Johnston M. D.

Ramona Beard M. D.

Andrea Mathis M. D.

Bud Ochoa M. D.

Chris Olson M. D.

Arlen Conley M. D.

Abram Jacobson M. D.

Nola Sweet M. D.

Dannie Daniel M. D.

Clarissa Garza M. D.

Angelita George M. D.

Allyson Cervantes M. D.

Shawn Jacobs M. D.

Danny Randolph M. D.

Jodi Brock M. D.

Hello, my name is Kim Harrington, M. D., and I’m your new family physician.

I want to recommend you online pharmacy with great amount of medicine and 70% discount.
I haven’t believed till I checked it by myself. I’m sending you my vCard,
so you are able to find more info about me as well as link of mentioned pharmacy.

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