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If you get below email then do NOT fall for it ! It is a simple trick to get all your personal information ! Any serious company would first of all send NOT a mail like below. And start direct with demanding your personal information ! They say register with there company, however they “forget” there company name and use a AOL email address !!!   PS. And the picture is a warning on it’s own as the name of the picture was SOA.PNG 🙂   We have a customer…

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Re: Reminder: [Latest News Announcements] Statement Appointment Information Updated – New Notifications : Monday 7 October, 2019 – [FWD]

If you get below email, then do NOT Click on any of the links ! This email is FAKE ! Dear Costumers   Below the text as well. (Links removed) So you see it. If you get similar then tell it us !   There is a forced login on your account that we think is suspicious, we will include details of the suspicious login: ♦ Date : October, 7 2019 PDT ♦ OS : Chrome ♦ Device : Android ♦ Country : [If it’s you, click this link…

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Hello all, We like to ask here if you can help us. We put a lot of time and effort in this website to keep you informed about the latest SPAM EMAIL that is send out. But we need your help with this. And NO, we are not asking money, but only your support. Follow us on Twitter, and like our Facebook page.Send your received email spam to our temp mail. And we will keep on tracking what is send out. We always give answers back. Thank you. Team

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