Agent selection

If you get below email then do NOT fall for it ! It is a simple trick to get all your personal information ! Any serious company would first of all send NOT a mail like below. And start direct with demanding your personal information ! They say register with there company, however they “forget” there company name and use a AOL email address !!!


PS. And the picture is a warning on it’s own as the name of the picture was SOA.PNG 🙂


We have a customer service observation task at the shops in your city,
Assess the performance of employees at the store that we have assigned to you and make result of observations and send to us.

We will pay $500 / task and we have many tasks each week,
Complete the DATA BEL0W to get more complete lnformation & register with our C0MPANY.

Needed :

1. Full Name :
2. Date of Birth :
3. How old are You :
4. Marital Status :
5. Nationality :

< Address As Below >

   a) Street :
   b) City :
   c) Country :
   d) Postal Code :

Thank's - Emma Olivia.

[ Ms-Selection - 2020 ]



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