Re: [Amazon – Account Update] Account has been on hold – Action is required. Privacy of Policies on Sunday, 15 November

If you get this message from “Amazon” then just ignore it and trow away. It is just a phishing message to get your login details ! (See picture below)   This kind of emails are send a lot to people to get login details. Be aware that there is a easy way to spot it. If you check the sender of the email then you always see a strange website.(At least in most cases.) If not then they have spoofed the name.  Another way to check if it is real…

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Business offer : Bitcoin Extortion

If you get below email then do NOT send direct money over to the bitcoin account. Here is why!!!! The change that someone is actual recording you is real small ! The count on that you feeling guilty, and/or afraid so you pay. The send this email to random a lot of people in the hope that some pay. And if you check the bitcoin chain you can see with that they succeed now and then.   So, overall simple delete the message and live on …….   Hey!…

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Agent selection

If you get below email then do NOT fall for it ! It is a simple trick to get all your personal information ! Any serious company would first of all send NOT a mail like below. And start direct with demanding your personal information ! They say register with there company, however they “forget” there company name and use a AOL email address !!!   PS. And the picture is a warning on it’s own as the name of the picture was SOA.PNG 🙂   We have a customer…

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Your package will be returned to the sender. (DHL)

If you get below message from “DHL” then do NOT click on the attached .jnlp file. It is a trick to let you install a virus and it is NOT coming from DHL. SIMPLE DELETE IT!!!! Dear customer.   Your package will be returned to the sender. You have exceeded the delivery time. For the return of your package.   Confirm your postal address correctly: View Document in attached file.   Regards, Helen Simmons Customer Care   DHL International GmbH. All rights reserved.

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We installed now a  FORUM for (So the link is We keep on placing all kind of mails here. But we also want to give our readers a change to talk about the spam that they get. A second reason why we made the FORUM is that we where not able to answer all the questions that we got. So, in that way we hope that the FORUM will give some answers on the questions that our readers had. So, we sure hope that you check the FORUM. Thanks…

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Blackmail scam on forms of website !

If you got below email, then just ignore it ! It is a scam to hope you will send bitcoins to the address. They did NOT hack your website. They send this to forms on your website. Just ignore it and delete it ! See below : You received a new message from your online store’s contact form.   Name: Joyce Granados Email: any email address here Phone: A phone number here Body: PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO SOMEONE IN YOUR COMPANY WHO IS ALLOWED TO MAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS! We…

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