Business Proposal

Send from a hotmail account to reply on a other account ? Coming from Libya. Asking strangers to do ?? What ? Do NEVER response on something like this.   The President. Bismillahi’l-Rahmani’l-Rahim. Hello, My Inquiry is from LIBYA. Kindly advise if your company has the license or capability to execute a mutil million contract supply project for the Government of LIBYA. kindly furnish me your response. Thank you and treat very urgent and reply to SOMEMAILHERE @ Looking forward to an early response. Read More +

Very Urgent/Important!!

 I sure hope that when your receive similar email like this that you do NOT response on it. It is a scam to get personal information from you. Do NOT response on it ! My Name is Ahmed Sayid from Syria. I want you to receive from me the sum of US$65m[Sixty Five Million United States Dollar] and help me to invest in any profitable Business in your Country. Please if you are willing to assist get back to me so I will give you Read More +


If you receive below email then ignore it. It was going to : Account is now suspended. SCAM!     Confirmation of System Security UpdateDear Customer: We are writing to confirm that we have updated our security systems You need to update your account details in order to continue using our service. Your account security is important to us, so we appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.We will close all accounts that are not updated as soon as possible Click the link below Read More +