New invoice

If you get similar message, then delete it. Because file contains virus that locked your computer and ask money to unlock ! Dear (Any name), I appreciate your speaking with me today. Per our conversation, please find attached invoice. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, (All kind of addresses and names of businesses)

Last WARNING (REFC and a number here )

Did you get below warning or similar with a file attached in ZIP file, then do NOT open file. Delete this message. It is fake and contain a virus to take over your computer and secure it with a password.   This is the last warning regarding your debt of -240.89 USD on the case (REFC number here). Please, be advised that in case you won’t transfer the amount in full until May 30th, 2016 additional fee of 125.00 USD will be applied. More information Read More +

Second Reminder – Unpaid Invoice

If you get similar emails with attached ZIP file then delete and do NOT open ZIP file. It contains a virus ! We wrote to you recently reminding you of the outstanding amount of $8409.26 for Invoice number #3EBDB4, but it appears to remain unpaid. For details please check invoice attached to this mail Regards, Darcy Scott Sales Director     We wrote to you recently reminding you of the outstanding amount of $8288.84 for Invoice number #7B0886, but it appears to remain unpaid. For Read More +

RE: Amazon Order #number here

Do NOT click on the link from this kind of email. Spam!!!! Just delete it. It is NOT from Amazon.   You have been selected to receive a $50 Amazon gift card for answering the very brief survey/questions in the link below:     < COMPLETE AMAZON SURVEY HERE >   – —

Unwanted emails ? Use more temp mail.

Do you get to many unwanted emails. Then use this tip to solve it.   Use temp emails when you want to try out something. Type in Google “temp email” and you will see a lot of free services for that. HEre are some : This are just some. Do you have any others then mention it us !

You’ve earned reward

 Delete this document with attached WORD document. It is a virus! You did a outstanding thing for our company. Even whereas everyone else despair , you faced with those difficulties and struggle it. The victory completely goes to you. I note how you bent over to make it good , and you deserve much more except director’s gratitudes or felicitations. You have immense genius and potential , and I’m individually assured that you’ll do over this winning over and over again. All of us appreciate Read More +


 When receiving below email, simple delete it. It is fake and a way to get your personal information. Do NOT fall for this or similar emails. Simple delete them !!!   Reply To: [toyotaclaimsdept @]   Toyota Japan Lottery Award   Customer Service Department   Affiliate of Toyota Branch China .   28 Tanfield Road Tiaxiu lio Beijing China   PRIZE AWARD NOTIFICATION   DEAR SIR/MA,   We are pleased to inform you of the announcement made today; You are   among the winners Read More +


FAKE. DESTROY IF YOU GET THIS!   JAMES BRIEN COMEY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FBI FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FBI.WASHINGTON D.C FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SEEKING TO WIRETAP The Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Washington,D.C in conjunction with some other relevant Investigations Agencies have recently been informed through our Global intelligence monitoring network that your over-due contract payment which was fully endorsed in your favor accordingly by the Central bank of Malaysia(Bank Negara Malaysia) has not been claimed. It might interest you to know that we have taken Read More +